As one of the first rooms that guest see when they enter your house, your lounge or living room space should reflect your unique personal taste. With a few stylish leather lounges and some creative design considerations, you can create a comfortable, elegant space. Read on for simple ways for enhancing your living space to make it look timeless and luxurious.

Consider Simplifying your Room Styling

Over-accessorised and cluttered living rooms end up looking disorganised and messy, instead of sophisticated and chic. So, try and simplify your collection of furniture and only leave the pieces that genuinely have immense sentimental value like a leather lounge. A simplified style will allow the remaining décor elements to shine, as well as keeping you within your budget.

Hang Large Artworks

Create beautiful focal points and add that wow factor to your space by hanging oversize artworks on the walls. The appearance is high impact and chic with minimal hassles. Watch out for offers at thrift stores for large artworks at affordable prices, or you can even create your own when you want to decorate on a low budget.

Include a Stylish Sculptural Piece

Your living space doesn’t have to be filled with circular forms and straight lines. You can introduce a distinct element that has an attractive silhouette or unique shape to break up the edges. An unusual coffee table or side chair will complement your space. It will add an artistic and unexpected element to your room’s design.

Incorporate Different Types of Textures

Using a thoughtful, well-layered mix of textures and materials will give you a luxurious and custom-made look. Leather lounge mixed with glass, textiles, wood, and metals create an inviting, dynamic space. Pick every piece carefully and let the area come together naturally.

Add a Historic Element

A simple way to give your lounge space a feeling of wisdom and timelessness is to add a décor piece that has some age and elegance. Anything from an accessory to a mirror will work great provided it’s a bit old. The historic element will add a charming effect to your space, and you will find that most of such pieces are easily affordable.

Use Interesting Textiles

Customizing your living space may be as easy as using antique or vintage textiles for your throw pillows and also for covering small areas like upholstered stools or seat cushions. A rustic antique rug is yet another practical way of instantly creating some visual intrigue. That unusual fabric injects the living room area with a distinctive piece that personalizes your space. Likewise, add a charming textural bit over your leather lounge to enhance that comfort factor.

Disguise your TV

The one thing that can bring down that sense of elegant luxury in any living room is having a huge black TV located at the centre of your room. The goal here should be to minimize the visual presence of the television, and there are several ways of doing that. For example, adding art pieces around the television’s frame will help to reduce its presence. While it will not entirely disappear from view, it will nicely blend in amongst the other art pieces around it and not be as noticeable.


The simple ways described above of adding a luxury feel to your space work on nearly any budget. So, get started on improving your lounge space today.

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