Bedroom sets, like the Wynn series, are the perfect, simple and easy way to buy all of your bedroom furniture in Sydney, all at once. There’s a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind you get when you realise you are not just buying good quality furniture, but that it matches. If you are decorating, it makes it a lot easier when your bedroom set matches.

There is three basic style of bedroom sets:

  • Basic Bedroom Set – this includes three pieces – a bed with a headboard, side cupboards and a tallboy. This is the style of set the Wynn series is available in.
  • Expanded Bedroom Sets – which includes the basic pieces as well as one or more of the following – chest of drawers, a bench, mirrors, lamps and perhaps even the bedding.
  • Customisable Bedroom Sets – these give you a lot more freedom to select just the pieces you want or need. Most of the time customisable sets have the bed as the *must have* item while other pieces are completely optional.

When you are shopping for your bedroom furniture in Sydney you first need to consider the size of your bed, measure your bedroom first so you can determine if the style of furniture suits your home and décor best.

The Wynn bedroom package is made in Italy and consists of a fully upholstered bed with a deeply buttoned upholstered headboard that is an amazing 12cm thick. The ring cover has the option of being removed, and the bed also comes with an internal storage compartment. This stunning queen size bed also has two matching bedside tables, available separately.

The size of your bedroom will dictate the amount of furniture you can purchase. Measure your room, including the door widths and window heights to ensure your new bedroom furniture fits comfortably into the space. Window height is important if you are placing a bed or tallboy beneath it as you don’t want it to overlap the window.

Most bedroom sets come in a range of styles from classic to contemporary, modern to country, choose a set that matches the existing decor in your home. A bedroom set will include all the furniture in your bedroom take the time to find the set that’s right for you.

Traditional Sets – these are usually made from medium to dark toned woods and have a more upscale and *stately* feel to them, often they feature curved legs or lacquered finishes.

Contemporary Sets – often feature glass, stark white, clean lines and black.

Modern Sets – generally showcase the natural wood grain and organic lines.

Country Sets – have a more feminine and rustic look and feel, such as light coloured finishes or distressed paint and wood.

Remember before buying have a realistic and set budget in mind.