The dining table is not only a place for eating food. It’s a place where the family congregates at the end of the day and catches up on each other’s lives. It’s also a place where family and friends get together to share good times, good food and good stories. It’s a place where people can share a sense of togetherness. The dining table is one of the most important places to make a house a home.

Trends in dining décor are ever changing so in this post we take a look at ways to spruce up your dining room table to make it look and feel more inviting when it comes time to check in with the family and break bread.

Flower Power

Flowers have been used as centrepieces for dining tables since the dawn of time. Well maybe not for that long but you get what I’m saying. They have a way of adding vibrancy and beauty to an otherwise barren table and really make the meal feel more like an occasion. The beauty of flowers is that there are so many different types with all the colours of the rainbow and more. So you will never be out of options when it comes to decorating your dining table.

Put the flower in a nice vase and you’re in business. If your table is large enough, have more than one vase. Or you could even have a huge centrepiece of beautifully arranged flowers. Of course, you will need to leave room for your guest’s cutlery and food.

Antique Candle Holders

Sitting around a naturally lit dinner table really makes for a lovely ambience. Dinner by candlelight is a beautiful thing and one of life’s simple yet enjoyable nuances. Antique candle holders are great for dining room décor and double as mood lighting. You can usually pick some up from your local thrift store or op shop at a reasonable price. They may need some tender loving care, but there are many metal cleaning products that will have them sparkling like new. Coca-Cola is excellent for cleaning metals due to its high acidity. It’s a way better cleaning product than it is a drink.

The Table Cloth

Yes, that’s right the old faithful tablecloth. A beautiful looking tablecloth can set the scene and mood of your dining experience and create an opulent environment for your family and friends to enjoy a meal.  A recent trend is to use exotic tapestries from India or some select parts of China and you can get your hands on these from many online shops or if you hunt around you may also be able to pick one up from the second-hand store.

All the mentioned décor tips are simple methods that will improve the aesthetics of your dining table and create a pleasant atmosphere that makes for a great dining experience. Don’t be afraid to experiment and get creative as you are only limited to your imagination. Let Brescia Furniture set the scene, then get creative.