Choosing your bedroom furniture in Sydney is a very important decision that doesn’t come along that many times in most people’s lives. Your bedroom will be where you spend a great deal of time not just sleeping, but for many people, just relaxing, too. You want to choose furniture for your bedroom that you are going to love for many, many years. Furniture isn’t cheap, but when you factor in how many years use you get out of it, you’ll find that it’s quite reasonable.

One of our favourite bedroom sets is the Memphis Bedroom Series. We feel that it is that perfect balance between modern and traditional styling that works well in most homes and for most people. The cool, dark walnut Canaletto veneers are as much of a popular choice for couples as they as for bachelors (and bachelorettes). The style is grown up and clean, and the high gloss lacquer finish brings an extra touch of class.

The Memphis bedroom series features a range of different furniture options. Firstly there is a platform bed that has slats underneath. The bed has a high headboard, and the bed itself is relatively low to the floor. The chrome accents in the headboard highlight the colour of the wood and the bed is available in either a queen or king size. The bed can be flanked by one or two bedside tables, ideal for storing all sorts of odds and ends, with each having two drawers with a soft close.

The collection also features a five drawer tallboy which can be used to store clothes or other bedroom items. Top with a mirror for extra functionality up top. There is also a nightstand which features three long drawers if you are after a more low lying matching set of drawers.

People often choose the bed and one or two other pieces, or some like to just pick the bed itself and accessorise with other different pieces themselves. It is up to you how you choose to style it.

Browse the rest of our catalogue to see our other bedroom furniture options and get a feel for how the pieces would look in your home. Make sure to measure up your bedroom before picking out pieces to ensure that everything fits correctly and doesn’t look out of place.

Picking the right furniture for your bedroom should be a careful decision – after all, you’re going to be living with these pieces for quite some time! Choosing something modern and yet timeless like the Memphis set can help to make the decision a little bit easier. Have any questions about any of our pieces? Make sure to get in contact with us to find out more.