The lounge room. The communal hub of any home.  A place to relax, to entertain and a place for your family to connect and socialise after all the chores are done and dusted. The lounge is probably one of the most frequented areas of any home, so it’s important to choose the right décor, so the lounge room not only looks great but is welcoming and comfortable for the family to relax in.

Lounge room décor has progressed leaps and bounds in the last ten years, and there is an extensive range of retro stylings to a more modern approach – so you will be sure to find something for your home. Leather lounges are a great option for any lounge room and add style and comfort to your home.

These days, leather lounges come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the corner settings to the standalone lazy boys and we are going to take a look at a few of the hottest pieces on the market.

The Bentley Corner Suite

The Bentley corner suit is a testament to master design. The elegant and luxurious leather lounge not only looks fantastic, but it’s also functional and features an electric recliner, making those lazy Sundays even lazier when you kick back, put on your favourite film and max recline. The Bentley also features adjustable head support so you can tailor your comfort levels exactly how you like them.

The Heni

The contemporary design of the Heni will turn your lounge chair into the centrepiece of the living room. The Heni’s clean lines and modern design will make this the ideal lounge for more modern houses. A truly magnificent leather lounge chair that comes in a range of colours. Designed with aesthetics and ergonomics in mind, the Heni takes lounge suites to a new level.

The Guilia

If you’re after something of a more traditional feel, look no further than the Guilia. Imagine sitting around the fireplace in your smoking jacket with your favourite book. The Guilia traditional Victorian design will add a touch of regal class to your lounge room. Don’t let the traditional design fool you, the Guilia has all the modern recliner features.

The Gina

If you’re after a chair to call your favourite, to call your own. Take a look at the Gina single seat. Crafted from the finest materials and design with aesthetics and comfort in mind the Gina takes the single seat to a new level and will be a welcome addition to any lounge or office.

The Joker

The best-selling Joker is no stranger to lounge rooms across the world. The sleek, functional design provides maximum comfort, and the smooth lines will add a touch of modern class to any lounge room.

Leather lounges are a must-have item for your lounge room. There are many to choose from at Brescia, ranging in colour, price, and design, so you will be certain to find something for your lounge room. Built to look good and to last the test of time, a leather lounge will complete your living room.