Traditionally styled bedrooms can transport you to a place of prestige and luxury: an inviting place to lay your weary head after a hard day at the office. When you imagine a traditionally styled bedroom, images of four-poster beds and luxurious antique dressers and bedside drawers spring to mind. Traditional style beds usually involve a larger than life headboard with some even upholstered with lavish embroidery and buttons.

Wood options are available and really enhance the authenticity and charm of a room, making it a welcoming place to dwell. You may even feel like part of the royal family! Thanks to the extensive range of finely crafted, traditionally styled furniture for your bedroom, you have the option to turn your bedroom in a place fit for Prince William and Kate. After all, you don’t have to have been born into the royal family to turn your bedroom into a place fit for royalty. So let’s take a look at some of the top picks for a more traditionally styled bedroom suite.

The Wynn range of beds is a great way to ensure you get a good night’s sleep in style. The headboard has been upholstered beautifully and features a 12cm thick board, adding a sense of grandeur to your bedroom. The padded headboard also ensures that there will be no damage to you or your loved when something goes bump in the night. The elegant and neutral colour scheme is excellent for complimenting and accentuating your pre-existing style and will turn your room into a place of beauty and intrigue.

Then there is the Mont Blanc range. Arguably the Rolls Royce of beds. These beautifully crafted beds are designed with aesthetics and comfort in mind. The general aesthetic has a somewhat traditional appeal with a modern twist and would look great in any bedroom. The grand headboard comes in two designs, one a more traditional model and the other a little more modern, although it could also fall under the traditional banner with the right décor.

Some of our favourite beds are the ones with a wood finish. Each knot and grain tells a story, and you will find yourself getting lost, as you marvel at the natural finish and the beauty that these beds bring into the room. There is nothing better than a larger than life beautifully created wooden bed. The look and feel that wood brings to a room cannot be replicated by other materials and will give your room a naturalistic historical feel.

When it comes time to go to bed you will have the pleasure of sleeping in a professionally crafted solid piece of furniture history. These beds will look great paired with some solid wood bedside tables and dressers.

These are just a few of the more traditional style bedding options available at Brescia Furniture that will have you on your way to decking out your bedroom, making it more stylish and comfortable and a great place to take shelter for the night. Check out our range!