In the same way that certain colours evoke specific moods, there are textiles that can instantly set the mood. Leather lounges in Cabramatta homes can create a sense of officious décor. They look elegant and stately, but they can also inadvertently embody distance. Because you’re so used to seeing leather furniture in lawyers’ offices and corporate c-suites, depositing them in your room may be a barrier to your guests. They might be on edge and have a hard time settling in or feeling welcome.

Leather is a preferred choice because it’s breathable, (mostly) organic, and easy to maintain. It gives your house a sense of class. But it can be mildly off-putting as well. So if you’re going for an elevated, formal status, you could finish your floors in marble and buy a ‘serious’ conservative leather lounge like Bellini, Heni, or the ironically named Joker. The latter is our best seller here at Brescia Furniture, especially the leather version with gleaming steel feet. (All three brands are available in both leather or fabric options.)

Triumphs of texture

Ideally, you want to contrast the ‘hardness’ of leather with soft, cosy materials. Some consumers would rather keep their leather furnishings pristine and unadorned, but this can make your room feel harsh and strained, no matter how plush your leather is. So if you’d like that feeling of home, take some of the edge off. Don’t use doilies – those are dated and unstylish. Instead, opt for throws and fleeces.

Their lush, soothing feel is delicate and comforting. Pick colours that stand out against the leather lounge, so pastels for blacks and dark browns. Brighter lounges like Aria, Gina, or Renata can be tamed with neutral greys and beiges. Just be sure your throws are machine-safe, because while the lounges themselves don’t need much cleaning, your pale throws will need frequent washing. Moreso when they absorb the ‘sweat’ from the leather, or the natural oils and sebum from residents and guests. (Let’s not even get into their lotions and hair oils!)

Toss it around

Throw cushions and accent pillows have a good softening effect as well. And they can be quite tiny if you don’t want to detract from the beauty of the leather. Fill them with soft downing to offer textural variation against the firm leather surface. After oiling your lounges, wait until they’re completely dry before positioning your pillows. You don’t want them soaking up the oil and becoming impossible to clean. Also, buy pillows with removable covers for ease of hygiene. You don’t want to wash the pillows fully stuffed. They take longer to dry and may retain damp smells or develop ‘undercover’ mould / bacteria, pun intended.

Of course, the fabrics that accompany your leather lounge in Alexandria don’t have to be on the seat itself. The idea is to dot the room with plush materials which highlight your leather. So they could take the form of fabric lamp shades, shag rugs, or thick, luxurious curtains. You could even use lacy sheers as room dividers. The idea is to use a gentler surface to heighten the contrast between your lounges and other furnishings in your living space.

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