Your bedroom should be the most comfortable space in your house. You probably don’t spend much time there, and when you do, you’re generally asleep. So it might not seem important to focus on its décor, aside from making sure it has an en-suite bathroom, warm floor, and crisp, clean sheets.

However much or little time you spend in your bedroom, the fact remains it’s a refuge. You settle there at the end of a long, arduous day, and it’s where you share private time with your partner. It may also be where your kids run for safety after a bad dream.

Most people assume the bed is the central feature of any room, but there’s one other thing you can use to give your room a cosy touch. You see, many of us go to bed with our phones, a book, or a TV remote. Studies suggest this can contribute to insomnia because our beds become a point of stimulation rather than sleep.

Many sleep scientists suggest the first step to curing insomnia is to restore your bedroom as a space for sleep, intimacy and nothing else. This isn’t always practical, so another suggestion is to separate your resting area from your sleep and intimacy area.

The simplest way to do that is to select a huge, comfy chair that you can use for TV, reading, and chilling, leaving the bed purely for relaxation. Brescia Furniture has a wide selection of easy chairs at our leather lounge stores. They’re available in multiple styles and colours.

Still, you might be unsure of where to begin in your bedroom décor adventure. The best way to start is with a little window shopping. Visit our showrooms to get some ideas on bedroom décor. If you’re not strictly focused on leather lounges, our Sydney shops offer far more options.

But before you rush to the nearest furniture outlet, begin by exploring your memories and imagination. Think about the best bedroom you’ve seen. It might be a place you visited or a room in a show that you enjoy. It might even be a description in a book.

If you can, find visual cues. If it was a room in a hotel or TV show, Google the hotel or episode to see some pictures. First, look at the room as a whole, to get a feel for it. Then, inspect it more carefully to figure out exactly what appeals to you.

What kind of bed does the room have? Does it have a headboard? What is it made of? What kind of beddings are used? Now, look at the rest of the room. What’s on the walls and floors? Is there any other furniture, like a desk or a leather recliner? What’s the colour scheme?

Once you know the specific things in the room that have caught your eye, you can do more specific searches. For example, searching for ‘asymmetric headboards’ or ‘bright leather lounges’ may give you furnishing ideas, and suggestions on where to find them.

Brescia Furniture has three showrooms with a massive variety of imported home and office furniture. Visit us today or call us on 02 9700 9000 for your bedroom décor needs.

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