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The Vortex dining table, a round table creates a strong sense of belonging between people, aiding conversation simply by its shape.
This feeling is accentuated with the Vortex thanks to its decorative and functional central base which, with its helical metal tube frame, gives the table a personal touch, the design being just what its name presents, the centre vortex of a tornado the unique base creates a unique table. Simply gorgeous to look at.
Available in two sizes 120cm and 140cm and incredibly versatile with top options in tarazzo, white, golden onyx, emperado, white and black marble. The 120cm size is also available with a tempered glass top, available in two colours; Smoke Grey and Transparent. The statement leg frame is available in Matt Black, or Matt bronze finish.
Featuring glass or glass-ceramic top options for a unique dining table top.
Designed and manufactured by Calligaris, an internationally renowned contemporary furniture brand at the forefront of cutting edge European design, delivering products with a perfect balance of Italian style and great functionality.

Available in 2 sizes
120cm (Depth/Width) x 75cm (H)

140cm (Depth/Width) x 75cm (H)

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