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The Revo is available in in-line or corner configurations, with or without a chaise containing a storage compartment.

The sofa bed is offered with single independent bed bases, that allows Revo to be used simultaneously as a lounge and as a bed.

Made in Italy

3.5 Seater: 242W x 102D x 87H

3 Seater: 222W x 102D x 87H

2.5 Seater: 202W x 102D x 87H

2 Seater: 182W x 102D x 87H

Armchair: 152W x 102D x 87H

Mini Armchair: 116W x 102D x 87H

3 Seater modular with bed + chaise
with storage: 288W x 165D x 87H

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