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Baron table contains a handy mechanism able to extend the top surface. Pull the frame towards you so that the two legs with hidden castors slide on one side allowing the leaf to be pulled out. With a simple rotation the leaf fitted on metal tracks comes out of its housing and lines up with the top. The legs stay at the perimeter, ensuring maximum comfort for all diners.

Suitable for comfortably seating up to 10 persons, the drop-leaf table is an excellent solution in the kitchen or dining room, meaning the legs extend along with the top remaining at the corners, allowing all guests to feel maximum comfort

Available in an array of finishes including ceramic, glass and wood.

Available in a range of different extendable size options including a counter table at 90cm High

Made in Italy.

110CM W ( 155 ) X 70CM D X 75CM H
130CM W ( 190 ) X 85CM D X 75CM H
160CM W ( 220 ) X 85CM D X 75CM H
180CM W ( 240 ) X 100CM D X 75CM H
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