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The Alcova sofabed is a simple versatile design that easily adds to the aesthetic to any room. Unlike many sofabeds, the Alcova was designed so that its comfort as both a lounge and sofabed would be incomparable.

The Alcova sofabed is designed to go from lounge to sofa as swiftly as possible, featuring a mechanism which allows the bed to be pulled out with a single movement, going from sofa to bed and vice versa.

The Alcova sofabed also includes a hidden compartment for storage.

Made in Italy

Armchair: 124W x 98D x 85H
2 Seater: 174W x 98D x 85H
2.5 Seater: 194W x 98D x 85H
3 Seater: 214W x 98D x 85H
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