Leather-based furniture such as padded sofas, chairs, and couches trap lots of dust and oil. As leather is porous, it allows a lot of grime and dirt to pass through and build up inside and on top of the material.

All this dirt may cause horrible stains, trigger allergies and result in respiratory issues in the long term. You will need to be vigilant when maintaining your lounge, so here are some tips to help you out. 

Vacuum the sofas

The same way you remove dust on the floor by vacuuming every so often, you will need to do this for your leather lounges. Vacuum it at least once a week to pull out all the dust from the leather pores. 

Considering leather is expensive to purchase, you may want to outsource your regular vacuuming to a professional cleaning service. It’s important that the correct care is taken to maintain the quality. 

Note: If you use the same vacuum attachment, be sure to clean it first to avoid transferring dust and germs from the floor to the sofa. You should also ensure that you spot clean the sofa as soon as you notice any dirt.

If you let stains like coffee and tea spills sit on the sofa too long, you will find it harder to remove once the smudges embed themselves in the material.

Avoid direct sunlight 

The sun’s ultraviolet rays are harsh and will cause excessive damage to the leather. Sunlight will also cause chemical reactions that permanently change the fabric’s colour, which costs an arm and a leg to restore. 

So, put your sofa as far from the windows and direct light as you can. Alternatively, install good curtains and blinds to prevent exposure to direct sunlight.

Pretreat your sofa 

Use a fabric protector to pretreat the sofa. The protector acts as a shield putting a barrier that blocks the pores from absorbing dirt and spills. 

However, the protector doesn’t entirely prevent the sofa from getting dirty; it just delays the accumulation of dirt. It’s still important to wipe off spills without worrying about the dirt seeping into the fabric.

Don’t scrub – blot instead

No matter how bad the spill looks, resist the urge to scrub it off. Instead, gently use your cloth to blot up the spills.

Excessive rubbing will push the spills deeper into the fabric and cause more harm. It will be much harder to take care of, so be patient and blot, never rub.

Fluff up the cushions

Your sofa cushions experience a lot of pressure every day. They are sat on, and the weight bends them out of shape, creating small depressions prone to accumulating dirt. So make sure to fluff the sofa cushions every day to keep them in shape.

Final word

Leather may be known as a high-maintenance material, but you can keep it looking clean and new for a long time with these simple tips. Remember to buy the best quality leather sofas that are easier to clean and more durable.

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