Furnishing your home is a creative and fulfilling experience. Here at Brescia Furniture, we get particularly excited about adding high-quality, elegant leather lounges to well-designed spaces. If well-maintained, leather can last for a lifetime.

Follow the instructions below to keep your leather furniture looking new for years.

Avoid Homemade Cleaners

Do not use homemade cleaners on your leather furniture. Mayo and vinegar might be useful in removing stains on other fabrics, but they don’t work on leather. Unfortunately, some people will try anything, including hair care products, which cause irreversible damage to their leather upholstery.

Remember, using inappropriate cleaning products can void the product warranty. Always avoid anything that the manufacturer doesn’t endorse.

Assess the Leather

Most leather lounges are made using protected leather, which is easy to clean. However, you can still check the leather type by scratching the material with your fingernails. Make sure you choose a concealed area that won’t leave a visible mark. If the scratch remains, call a professional cleaner; otherwise, you may be able to clean it yourself.

Cleaning the Leather

Protected leather is easy to clean. All you need is a dry piece of cloth and lukewarm water. Dip the cloth in water and use it to wipe off the surface. Then, leave it to dry.

Removing Spills

Sometimes, you might accidentally spill food or drinks on your leather furniture. A quick reaction can prevent the spill from turning into a stain.

First, take a dry cloth and blot the spillage area. Do not wipe, as this can ingrain the liquid into the fabric. If you react fast, the material will soak up most of the liquid before the leather absorbs, making your work easier.

If the spillage is extensive, gently press a damp cloth against the fabric. However, it’s worth noting that greasy and oily spillages worsen when exposed to water.

The best solution for severe spillages is a specialist leather cleaner, which cleans your fabric without staining. Keeping a good stock of this vital product is crucial, especially if you are owning leather furniture for the first time. Whenever trialling a new product, select a small hidden part of your leather upholstery to see if it has adverse effects.

Removing Stains

Sometimes, you might not be quick enough to deal with a spillage. When that happens, it turns into a stain that takes considerable effort to remove.
Before dealing with a stain, first determine its cause. Here are a few tips on handling different stain types.

  • Removing Ink Stains
    If you accidentally drop a fountain pen on your leather lounge, it’s likely to leave an unsightly ink blotch. A fast reaction can remove the spill, but it’ll become a stain if you aren’t there. Unfortunately, ink stains aren’t easy to remove and is best left to professionals to avoid damaging the fabric.
  • Removing Grease and Oil Stains
    As mentioned earlier, water worsens grease and oil stains. This means greasy and oily spots are among the most stubborn stains. So, like a spot of ink, it’s better to call a professional leather cleaner. Although it costs money, it’s less risky than tackling the stains yourself.
  • Removing Wine Stains
    Wine spillages are easy to remove using the blotting method. Suppose the spill becomes a stain; mix water and mild soap until it foams. Then, use a sponge to apply the form onto the affected area before dabbing away with a dry cloth. Afterward, leave the patch to dry. The stain should be invisible – if it isn’t, you might want to call a professional cleaner.

Additional Care Tips

Besides cleaning, here are additional care tips to keep your leather lounge looking new.

Apply Conditioner Regularly

Applying a conditioner to your leather upholstery prevents cracking and drying. The recommended conditioning interval is twice yearly. During application, use a microfiber cloth to spread a thin layer of the conditioner over the leather.

It’s essential to consult the user’s guide to see the recommended conditioner type. Leather conditioners are available in many furniture stores. You can also get the product in auto parts shops, where it is sold for conditioning leather vehicle interiors.

When shopping, don’t compromise on quality to save a few dollars. Cheap products are appealing, but most are ineffective and sometimes damage the fabric. So instead of looking for deals, always pick high-quality, reputable products. Leather maintenance keeps your furniture good-looking and extends its lifetime, so it can’t be optional.

Use Heat to Remove Dents

Placing heavy items on your leather furniture can leave dents. You can remove these dents using heat, ideally a heat gun or hair dryer. On the low heat setting, heat the dented area on the fabric. Next, use your hand to stretch the leather outward from the dent. Repeat this until the material regains its original, straight appearance.

Colour Restoration

Leather tends to fade over time, particularly when exposed to direct sunlight. However, you can restore its original colour using a leather colour repair kit available in furniture stores, hardware stores, and online platforms. A standard repair kit contains a balm or cream that you rub against the fabric using a cloth.


One of the standout qualities of brand-new leather furniture is its visually appealing and shiny appearance. The best way of preserving these properties is buffing the upholstery using a soft cloth. This maintains the shiny appearance and prevents the leather from looking ‘tired.’

Additionally, buffing effectively reduces the appearance of scratches and scuffs due to the extensive use of leather furniture. Ensure you polish your furniture once it’s dry after cleaning.

Wrapping Up

Leather furniture costs more than other fabrications, but its quality, durability, and stunning beauty justify its price tag. Since nobody wants their significant investment to waste, you must observe the maintenance tips mentioned above to keep your leather lounges looking new and prolong their use. If you aren’t confident in your cleaning abilities or aren’t sure how to handle a stain, always call a pro.

At Brescia Furniture, we have a vast collection of leather furniture suited for different lifestyles and budgets. Contact us today to explore your options.

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