Why We Love Calligaris Designs

Calligaris is a name revered around the world for quality, functional, and stylish furniture. We carry Calligaris products as we believe that they are champions of excellence in the home furnishings sphere.

Calligaris Designs is an Italian company, that was born in 1923. The came Calligaris comes from the company’s founder, Antonio Calligaris, and the company first started out with wood furnishings before expanding out their range to what it is today. Today Calligaris are known worldwide for their chairs, tables, soft furnishings including leather lounges, storage solutions, and lighting.

Their flagship store is in Milan, a testament to the amazing …

The Montecarlo Bedroom Series

The Montecarlo bedroom series is made in Italy – the birthplace of style and sophistication. Read on to find out how you can transform your ordinary bedroom into a chic and elegant boudoir with these key pieces, featuring the one and only Montecarlo series.

Montecarlo vanity unit
Aside from the obvious purpose of sleeping, another function of the bedroom is to dress and prepare yourself here before going out in public. What better way to do so than with the glamorous Montecarlo vanity unit? This piece is ideal for those who want the functionality of the storage space, with the added benefit …

A Close Look at Our Nizza Bedroom Series

If you’re shopping for bedroom furniture, Sydney offers a new line for the new year. All the way from the sunny shores of Italy comes the Nizza bedroom series. It may rhyme with pizza, but it’s far more elegant and every bit as satisfying. The Nizza bedroom set comes in stately greys with subtle lines and a modern, minimalist appearance.

What criteria do you list when you’re shopping for a bed? It’s the single largest purchase in your bedroom and is arguably the most expensive piece of furniture in your home. As a teen or college kid, you may not …

A Close Look at the Caviar Lounge

When it comes to luxury looking pieces, we know what works for your home. Our Caviar lounge is one of the most popular lounge room pieces for those with large homes and large lounge rooms and represents some of the best stylistic touches in our range.

The Caviar lounge is the ideal choice for the family home. It’s a gorgeous modular affair, taking in a three seater along one arm of the couch, and two recliner chairs – so it’s perfect for the whole family or for entertaining. Not only this, but it’s is also highly useful for TV sessions …

The Bellini and Bently Lounges

Introducing our fabulous Bellini and Bently leather lounges, today we’d like to say a big hello to two of our most desirable lounges – the Bellini and the Bently. These similar and yet different styles are part of our extensive range of lounge room furniture, chosen specially for their style aesthetic and ability to fit in seamlessly in any Australian home.

First up, let’s take a closer lo the Bellini lounge – no it’s not a delicious champagne cocktail, but purchasing one for your home may leave you feeling just a touch giddy. The Bellini is a 2.5 seater …

Fabric VS Leather Lounges

When you’re shopping for a lounge, what features do you include on your checklist? The size of your room is a significant factor. Lounges are mostly used to furnish living rooms, but you can also have one in your game room or office waiting room. If your space is large enough, you can have one in your bedroom as well.

The shape of your room is another factor. L-shaped lounges are becoming quite popular because they help frame the room. They can work in both large and small spaces, and they’re especially handy in open-plan kitchens. The lounge can help create …

Our Leather Armchairs in Focus

Picking out your home furniture is one of those jobs that only comes around every now and then so you want to get it right. Your furniture should last you for many years to come – especially if you invest in leather and you take care of your things. Protecting with leather-care products will help you to see the life of your furniture through.

One range of items that we have for the home is our leather armchairs. While we also have some fabric chairs available for our customers, our leather lines are extremely popular. And we do have many to …

Experience Italian Romance with A Bed from Brescia

A lot of us agree that Italians are romantic. Maybe it’s our obsession with their wine or the fact that their language seems so sensual and expressive. Either way, it’s a well-accepted stereotype that Italians do it better. Italy has its roots in Ancient Rome, which has a rich history of art and architecture. So naturally, Italian design is prized.

This admiration stretches into Italian furniture, which is considered among the best in the world. Whether you want leather pieces or a place to lay your head, imported Italian furnishings are a statement of elegance and style. And if you’re shopping …

A Browse Through Brescia’s Carefully Selected Accessories

Furnishing your house with thoughtful styling is what makes it a home and not just a house. While you can fill your home with amazing furniture and fixtures, the real glue that brings it all together is your decorative accessories. These are what elevate your home to that next level.

At Brescia, we know all this, so we have carefully selected a range of beautiful accessories that we believe will look amazing in the right home. We genuinely believe in our pieces, and it turns out that others do too – our geometric Jacquard weaved cotton and chenille Rose Rug, in …

Update Your Living Room This Christmas

You can tell a lot about a person by the leather lounge they own, but, before you update your leather lounge this Christmas you need to choose carefully, after all, you will be spending a lot of time on your new lounge! A lounge is also a big investment, so you want to get this right the first time.

Getting your layout right
Planning the layout of your area is important when it comes time to choose the right leather lounge for you. Placement and proportion of the lounge compared to the overall space is the best way to make a …

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