A dining table isn’t just a place to eat at. The dining table in your home is a place where friends and family congregate and catch up on the day. It’s a place where laughs are shared, and as we break bread and share a meal the yearning for connection is fulfilled. It’s a place where basic human needs are met such as community and food. Setting the right tone and atmosphere can make these shared meals all the more special and add to the good memories shared.

A new dining table can set the mood and ambiance for a family get together and freshen up your dining room. In this post, we take a look at some of the hottest dining tables on the market.


The Academia

The Academia combines classic styling with modern day chic. It’s a deep brown wooden table with beautiful flowing oak wood grain. The inverted legs add a modern artistic appeal and this particular table will suit homes with a modern or traditional look. It has an extension leaf which makes it ideal for dinner parties and when it’s over you can retract it for a cosy dinner for two.


The Heritage

The Heritage comes in a dark velvet finish that will add opulence to any dining room. This table is ideal for dinner parties and easily fits ten people with elbow room to boot. The sophisticated design has mirrored surfaces which reflect light and highlight the beauty of the Heritage. It’s timeless design and classic appeal will be a welcome addition to any dining room, new or old.


The Orbital

If you’re a Sci-Fi fan, the Orbital is the dining table for you. It looks like something out Star Trek. The Orbital’s futuristic design is matched by its functionality and it can be effortlessly extended to accommodate the latecomers to the dinner party. It has a tempered glass top that comes in black or a marble-like finish. Dr. Spock and Captain Picard would be comfortable dining at this modern marvel of dining table brilliance.


The Eva

The Eva is an Italian designed masterpiece. It’s finished in a polished birch wood and looks absolutely stunning. If you want to make a grand statement, the Eva is the dining table for you. It’s heavy duty and flawlessly designed for your comfort,plus the Eva extends out to accommodate welcome guests at your next dinner party.


The Fly

This table is exactly that:super fly. It looks like a small table fit for two but looks can be deceiving. The Fly effortlessly extends large enough to accommodate eight people comfortably. It’s finished with timber legs and a black glass table top. This table is definitely Fly.

For the ultimate dining experience take a look around and check out the wide variety of dining room tables we have to offer at Brescia Furniture, or come on into our store and chat to one our customer service representatives who will help you find the perfect table for your dining room.