Redecorating a lounge is a project that often brings huge enthusiasm, as without doubt, the room is one of the most important spaces of a home where families and friends spend quality time and cosy moments together. When you look at recent décor trends, the theory of less is more has reached interior design long ago and applied to contemporary styled lounges with clear lines, sober spaces and only a few sophisticated furniture pieces and elegant decorative objects. In 2019, large and comfortable furniture arrangements in bold colours and inviting materials will be trending to create a personalised and relaxing atmosphere.


But before you start redecorating your lounge, it is advisable to think about the look that you want to create and how practical you would like your new interior to be. For instance, if you spend hours in your living room reading, you can play with the idea of a little library corner with a bookshelf, two comfortable armchairs with decorative cushions and a standard lamp for a cosy atmosphere. Combined with a leather lounge that has the same scale but is made of different material you can create an asymmetric balance, which gives your living room personality.


If you like the minimalist style, next season use beige tones for walls or neutral colours such as white or lily hues. The use of these tones is perfect for homes with a small lounge as they will make the room appear more spacious and furthermore add light and elegance. Beige and caramel hues are trending colours for decorating lounges next year, the tones can be found in carpets and walls for a sophisticated touch. As wood surfaces never go out of style since they transmit natural warmth, paired with dark floorboards this colour combination works best in classic and contemporary homes.


When it comes to working with accents, the year 2019 will have lots of colours on its palette but especially hues of violet will take the limelight in interior space used in upholstery, cushions on a leather lounge or a fancy rug under the dining table Sydney. Other colours that will prevail interior next year are zesty yellows and bright, sunny orange to accentuate cosy spaces especially when worked with the modern Scandinavian approach. Chrome accents and shades of copper, silver and gold can also be found to give family rooms a touch of baroque glamour as well as the usage of rich materials like velvet.


Nevertheless, if you feel your living room needs a bit of refurbishment it is advisable to not only browse through popular websites which present you the newest interior trends but to also pay a leading furniture retailer like Brescia, a visit to take a look at recent trends in leather lounges Sydney.