Looking to buy a lounge for your home? If so, you have options galore from modular lounges to single pieces. One of the most important decisions you will make will be whether to go with a fabric or leather lounge.

Everyone has an opinion on fabric vs leather furniture. People who love fabric say the more affordable price point and endless colour options make this the superior choice. Fabric does have its drawbacks though. Fabric lounges are prone to stains and odours, which can be difficult – if not impossible – to remove.

Leather upholstery, on the other hand, offers numerous advantages. Leather instantly adds a touch of luxury to your interior space. Fabric can’t match the elegance and timeless look of leather furniture. Plus, leather is easier to maintain, it’s ultra-comfortable, and with proper upkeep. Leather outlasts fabric furniture by as many as five to 10 years.

In particular, there are a few key reasons why leather lounges just can’t be matched by their fabric-upholstered brethren.

Reasons to Consider a Leather Lounge

A piece of leather furniture can transform an interior space and instantly add a hint of warmth and style. You might consider a leather lounge for reasons like:


Leather upholstery offers superior durability compared to fabric. Leather is more resistant to tears and wear, and it’s much easier than fabric to clean. Leather might require a conditioning a few times of the year, while fabric requires regular vacuuming to remove dust, dander and pet hair.


If you own pets, or you’re prone to allergies, leather is the way to go. Odours, allergens, dust mites and pet dander cling to fabric-upholstered furniture. Leather, on the other hand, is highly resistant to allergens.


Fabric and leather lounges are closely matched in terms of comfort. Really, the type of cushioning material and the construction are just as important to comfort as the upholstery material.  Yet, leather is soft to the touch and plush. One thing to remember: Leather is affected more by ambient temperatures. If it’s cold in the room, a leather lounge will feel colder. Therefore, it’s important that room temperatures are consistent with maximum comfort.


The No. 1 advantage of leather furniture: They’re unmatched in terms of their appearance. A leather lounge offers a sleek, elegant look, and it’s a popular choice for high-end interior designs. In fact, a leather lounge will elevate a living room and exude luxury.

Design Versatility

A misconception: leather furniture limits your design options. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, leather lounges are available in a wide palette of colours – from natural hues to dyed modern looks. And leather furniture can match a range of design languages, from contemporary to farmhouse chic.

Should You Choose a Leather Lounge?

Sure, leather furniture may carry a higher price. But there’s a reason leather continues to the most popular choice for lounges, chairs and living room furniture; the added cost instantly pays off in durability, maximum comfort and a high-end look. Bottom line: if it’s in your interior decorating budget, a leather lounge can bring warmth, elegance and comfort to your interior space.

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