Movie nights at home with the family are so much fun and it’s great excuse to get together and spend some quality time with each other. For a big family, you need a big lounge so everyone gets comfortable including the family pets. At Brescia Furniture, we know the importance of a comfortable lounge that the whole family can sit on and watch some of their favourite flicks. We have a wide variety of big leather lounges specifically designed for the big family and in this post, we take a look at some of our favourites to give you some ideas and inspiration when it comes time to upgrading your lounge suite.


The Ester

The Ester is a huge Italian made lounge suite. It’s a dark brown leather that will add an element of traditional style to the living room. It’s a corner suite that can comfortably fit seven people. It features all the bells and whistles, such as beautiful soft leather that will have you sinking in and it’s so comfortable that you will be forgiven for nodding off during the movie. It also has optional electric recliners that the children will play with while you’re trying to watch the T.V. If you don’t want to risk it, the Ester comes with manual recliners as well.


The Hennesy

The Hennesy is the granddaddy of leather lounges. It’s big and can seat seven people. It has motorised recliners and even features a storage compartment with drink holders to boot. It’s a corner lounge although can be configured in many different ways. The beautiful off-white leather is plush and the lounge offers maximum comfort for you and your family.


The Kennedy

The Kennedy is another marvellous Italian designed leather lounge. It is super sleek and has a modern aesthetic that will fit nicely into your living room. There is plenty of space for the kids, even grandma, and the pets. It has adjustable headrests and extra wide seats so you don’t have to worry about extra room for random drop-ins from the neighbours. It’s a very sharp piece of design mastery that will look great in your lounge room.


The Caviar

It’s Caviar, but not the kind from the sea. The Caviar is the ultimate bestselling comfort machine that has ample room for the whole family. It has an adjustable headrest and some heavy duty recliners that make spending a day on the lounge an easy task. It has cup holders and an in-built coffee table for resting your drinks on. It can be configured in multiple formations and will fit in most lounge rooms. The no-sag spring seating ensures that it will stay comfy for many years to come. The Caviar is one of the best family-sized leather lounges on the market and will be a welcome addition to your lounge.

If you’re in the market for a new lounge to spend some quality time with the family enjoying your favourite films on a Friday night, look no further than Brescia Furniture. We have got you covered and one of our friendly staff will happily help you find the perfect lounge for your living room.