Picking out your home furniture is one of those jobs that only comes around every now and then so you want to get it right. Your furniture should last you for many years to come – especially if you invest in leather and you take care of your things. Protecting with leather-care products will help you to see the life of your furniture through.

One range of items that we have for the home is our leather armchairs. While we also have some fabric chairs available for our customers, our leather lines are extremely popular. And we do have many to choose from.

If you are in the neighbourhood for some new leather armchairs, then Brescia is a great place to stop by. Today we will have a look at just a couple of the models that we have on offer. Rest assured that there is far more to choose from – head to our home page and click on our Menu, go to Lounges, and then scroll down to look at all of our lounge chairs. If you happen to find an image you like that appears to be a fabric chair then just click through to see if we offer it in leather. These chairs can be placed in your lounge room, or as a feature piece in other rooms like the bedroom.

The Bellina

A large, traditional style leather armchair that has a deep seat and short legs, the Bellina is a dream to sink into and get immersed in a new book or reading material. You can get the Bellina in 100% leather and the dimensions to see if they will fit in your room are 80x85cm.


This leather armchair stands out in its exciting design. While we term the Forli an armchair, it doesn’t have arms at all. With a flat seat and sloped back, this chair is an ideal addition to the lounge room – perfect for watching TV. It is soft and padded, with a swivel bottom so you can move around.


Another traditional shape, the Jolly is a leather armchair with a mid high rise back and curved arms around the sides, surrounded by leather. Similar to the types of armchairs you’ll often see in lobbies, the Jolly can be a great corner piece for a room.

Our leather armchairs are made of 100% leather, many of them imported directly from Italy for that truly luxurious look. Brescia furniture has one of Australia’s best ranges of leather armchairs, so take a look around, make yourself at home, and find one of our leather armchairs to suit any room and any occasion.

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