Suppose you’re considering revamping your decor or making some stylish additions to your furniture. In that case, you need to know what trends are about to feature heavily in interior design this year.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about interior design in 2022, including hot colours, materials, textures, and styles. Keep your home stunning and modern with the integration of these design trends.

The 2022 Home Decor Trends to Watch

This is your comprehensive list of styles and items to inspire your decor and design plans for the new year.

Deeper Neutrals

Popular choices in neutrals have previously included creams and beiges, but in 2022 we will likely see more use of deep and warm neutrals. These rich neutral colours will help you to create a cosier feeling in your space.

Camel, taupe, sage, and rust are some examples of these rich neutral tones. Opt for leather lounges, blankets, throw pillows, and curtains in these colours to integrate this design trend into your home.

Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring comprises blocks of timber that form tiles, which are typically laid out in a herringbone pattern.

To make this trend easier to install, you can source timber panels made up of many of these blocks. You can also find luxury vinyl tiles that look very realistic while being a more affordable option.

This type of flooring is particularly attractive in light oak, deep walnut, and birch.

Bathroom Wall Lights

One overhead light in your bathroom can be unflattering and too bright to provide ambience for your soak in the tub.

Bathroom wall lights are a growing trend for bathrooms, providing mood lighting that pairs perfectly with candles. Go for antique industrial brass lamps with an exposed bulb to add rustic warmth to your bathroom space.

Matte Black Kitchens

We have already seen a move towards bold colours for kitchen cabinets, with olive green and lilac tones popular in 2021. However, now we are witnessing a trend towards darker colours for kitchen cabinets, including matte black.

Brass fittings and brass hanging lamps can be used to add warmth and style to this bold kitchen.

Swiss Army Knife Rooms

According to some interior design sources single-use spaces are becoming a thing of the past as open-plan arrangements make spaces more integrated and force rooms to be multipurpose.

This means that we will see more sectioning of rooms using shelving, ladders, and additional platforms to create different functions. Why have separate rooms for your office space, lounge, and home gym when you can house them all in one perfectly-designed area?

Home Office Cubbies

The ability to fold the doors shut on your home office and ‘close up shop’ for the day will satisfy a lot of WFH worker bees.

This idea eliminates the need for a separate room for your home office while allowing you to lock up your work for the evening so unwind without looking at papers and to-do lists across the room while trying to watch TV. Build a specific nook and incorporate doors to keep the space reserved for work alone.

Geometric Shapes and Patterns

This year, geometric motifs and accessories will be trendy as we see sizable geometric tiling patterns in bathrooms and geometric dining chairs. Geometric shapes work well to complement a minimalist aesthetic and add depth to a room without the need for clutter and overly adorned spaces.


If you take a few of these design ideas and add them to your vision boards, you will create a cosy, elegant, or minimalist space that demonstrates your knowledge of what’s in style right now.

Check out deep neutral leather lounges for your cosy living room and dining tables Sydney to put these ideas into action. Chat to the Brescia Furniture team to find the perfect geometric bases and chairs for your minimalist dining room.

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