The dining room is a place for the family to catch up at the end of the day over a home cooked meal and share some valuable time together. So naturally, having a nice dining set to gather around is nice to create that homely feel. There is an extensive range of beautiful and inspiring dining sets on the market that will look amazing in your dining room and with the wide selection there will surely be something that will fit in your home.

The Bellagio

The Bellagio dining room set is made up of a coffee brown walnut wood veneer. This Italian designed table has uniquely angled wooden legs and pairs modern design with excellent craftsmanship. The natural wood finish means that no piece will be the same and the imperfection in the wood only enhances the beauty. The Bellagio would be a superb addition to any dining room and will match almost any pre-existing style.


The Teodora looks like a piece of art. The unique slanted design will be the centrepiece of your dining room and be the centre of discussion at your next dinner party. The table has a glossed wood grain elm finish and is truly something to behold. This sleek modern design has a classic feel and looks great in modern or traditionally styled homes. Another Italian designed masterpiece that will inspire and enhance your life.


Aptly named due to its twisting leg design, this unique table has intertwined twisting legs conjuring images of vines in the wild. Its natural and modern design make this a great table for those wanting something truly unique. It comes in white and wood grain finish.


The Tuile is a forward-thinking piece of furniture with curved butterfly legs and a natural wood finish. Simple in design, it has a futuristic meets retro vibe and will add a touch of style and class to any dining room. The Tuile looks like it was inspired by 70’s sci-fi.

The Orbital

Imagine if the character from Star Wars or Star Trek were sitting down to a nice intergalactic meal while chatting about the goings on in the universe. Well, they would probably be doing it around the orbital. It’s futuristic design and white colour make it an ideal addition to modern dining room. A very sturdy and original table that will have your guests thinking they are on the starship enterprise.


The standout feature on the Opera dining room set is the linear patterns that intersect and create geometrical shapes with the walnut finish. An elegantly designed setting with old-school charm and a modern edge. The versatility of this design will see that it will slot into any existing setup. If you’re after a roundtable for your dining room look no further than the Opera.

So if you’re after a dining room table in Sydney jump online and check out the extensive range of inspiring dining room sets at Brescia. Our unique pieces will turn your dining area into a conversation piece.