When designing any room in the home, furniture choices can have a huge impact. However, we understand that not everybody is an interior designer. There are certain rules you should follow when planning your dining area, and the choice of table is central to that. Here are some key considerations when deciding between a round or rectangular dining table.

When to use a round dining table

The best space for a round dining table is a square room. In a long or rectangular room, a round table generally doesn’t work, especially if the table is quite large. In a rectangular area, the space at the sides of the table is much smaller than the moveable room at the ends – it simply looks out of proportion. The only exception may be if your round table is at one end or corner of a rectangular room.

In contrast, owing to the equal walls of a square room, a round table fits perfectly and offers equal space all around it. The synergy marries, and the room flows. 

When to use a rectangular dining table

For all of the reasons above, you’ll want to consider a rectangular dining table if you have a longer, rectangular room. By pairing the elongated space of the room with a long dining table, it stretches the size of the room. Ensure seamless and comfortable use of the area by avoiding awkward tight spaces behind chairs. Give yourself plenty of room to move around and enhance the visual aesthetic.

Making the room look bigger

If you’ve got a slightly smaller dining room, a round table is a great way to give the appearance of more space. The rounded edges appear shaved off; our eyes are also drawn to round objects. As a result, people may not notice additional clutter in the small space.

There is also an argument for using rectangular dining tables in small spaces, but it depends on how you want to use them. If you only have a small number of people in your household, you can use a rectangular dining table against a wall. Of course, if you have extra guests, you’ll have to pull the table out, so always take this into consideration.

Enhance your dinner parties

If you entertain regularly, you’ve got a serious choice to make. On the one hand, round tables often have people sitting closer together, making conversation flow a bit more freely. However, table space can sometimes be limited. Rectangular tables usually give much more surface area for food and decorations, but they can make conversation harder with multiple guests (without changing seats at every course). This choice comes down to what you value more – closeness and community or extended table space.

Looking for a beautiful dining table in Sydney?

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