When your leather lounge arrives, you want to take good care of it. Leather is not as hard to look after as some people will have you believe. When it comes to caring for your leather lounge, a good starting point is to wipe your lounge over with a wet cloth every time you dust your furniture. This will help prevent fine surface dust becoming embedded in your leather.

Also, remember that heat can also prematurely dry out your leather. Don’t place heaters too close to your new leather lounge and don’t aim hot air from your air-conditioner towards it either.

Sunlight can also have a fading effect, so avoid placing your leather furniture in direct sunlight, this way your leather lounge will retain its colour for longer. Denim is actually quite harsh on leather, so be mindful of what you are wearing when you sit on your lounge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I spill wine or other liquids onto my leather lounge? – blot it up quickly, as best as you can, then using a damp white towel gently wipe over the area, don’t rub too hard.

Can sweat hurt my leather lounge? – yes, it can, avoid exposing your leather lounge to sweat, sit on a towel if sweating is an issue for you.

What can I do about dye transfer? – a light wipe with a damp white towel may help, if that doesn’t work, call in someone with professional leather cleaning skills.

How often should I clean my leather? At least each fortnight wipe your lounge over with a damp white towel to keep it clean

Can I use hairspray, detergent, baby wipes, mentholated spirits or other house wipes or cleaning products to clean my leather lounge? –  No, it will damage your leather.

Leather lounges such as the Stunning Allure or the glamorous Asiago are beautifully designed, made and created leather lounges that look simply stunning anywhere in your home. You want to take care of them.

Just like our own skin leather can become dry and lose its moisture. On average leather, hide has approximately 25% moisture content in the forms of oils and conditioners introduced to it at the time of manufacture. Depending on your environment and natural humidity your leather lounge can lose its moisture over time. As the moisture is lost, the fibres become compacted – this will give your leather a stiffer feel, but with loss of moisture – just like skin, leather can crack. It is important that you regularly apply a conditioning protector coat to your leather lounge to keep it looking good, it will also reintroduce moisture and to help stop it from drying out.