When you’re shopping for a lounge, what features do you include on your checklist? The size of your room is a significant factor. Lounges are mostly used to furnish living rooms, but you can also have one in your game room or office waiting room. If your space is large enough, you can have one in your bedroom as well.

The shape of your room is another factor. L-shaped lounges are becoming quite popular because they help frame the room. They can work in both large and small spaces, and they’re especially handy in open-plan kitchens. The lounge can help create a superficial divider between the living room, dining area, and kitchen.

Another critical factor is colour. Your lounge is the largest piece of furniture in your room, so it sets the tone. You could blend it with your curtains and rugs, or contrast it with your walls. You might even decide to use your lounge as the only splash in colour in your space. The rest of the furnishings and accessories can be in neutrals, metallic, or chromes.

Finally, you get to choose between fabric and leather lounges and at our Leather lounge Cabramatta showroom, you can get a good source of both. Leather creates a formal ambience, though you can make it a little more playful if you select lounges in bright colours and accessorise them with soft furnishings. Fabric lounges are more casual, and they provide a warm, homely feel.

Think about the members of your household, especially younger children and pets. Both tend to spread stained paw and palm prints on every surface they find. Plus, they have a habit of attacking furniture with sharp objects. Pets use teeth and claws, while kids use anything they can find, from keys to knitting needles. Leather can be damaged by scratching.

On the other hand, leather is easier to clean. You can wipe off food spills, pet fur, and other surface smudges. If you have light-coloured leather, you can get it professionally cleaned every few months or so. But they’re still easier to manage than fabric lounges. Leather lounges are also easier to accessorise because they make a bold statement.

Weather patterns could be a deciding factor as well. If you live in a cool area, fabric lounges absorb heat and warm up the room. However, when you get them cleaned, they take longer to dry and can end up giving the whole room a musty, damp smell. In such cases, leather seats won’t absorb any moisture or acquire unpleasant scents.

Fabric lounges offer more styling options because you can get them in printed patterns with textured surfaces. That said, the fabric doesn’t hold colour as well as leather, especially after cleaning. Even the best upholstery cleaner can leach colour, plus the print patterns fade with time and exposure to sunlight. Leather retains its original tones indefinitely.

The final decision will come down to personal preference. The leather is more durable and easier to maintain, while the fabric is warmer, more cosy, and more versatile regarding style. For a wide selection of fabric and leather lounges, call Brescia Furniture today on 02 9700 9000.

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