You can really tell a lot about a person by the lounge they own. Low slung lounges indicate student accommodation, while structured two seat settees point to a happy couple, modular lounge suits scream family living. Whatever lounge suite you are looking for, you need to take time to look at all the different options, after all, you are going to be spending a lot of time on your lounge.

Depending on your budget, a lounge is an investment, so you want to get it right.


  • Proportion of the lounge and placement compared to the overall space is the key to making any lounge look good
  • Beware of the dimensions and consider the height of your space, you don’t want to obstruct views
  • Think about other pieces in the room and select a lounge that compliments your other pieces
  • When selecting a colour for your lounge consider the style of your space and your lifestyle – pets, children etc
  • To make a space look larger choose a lighter colour, neutrals like the grey Allure Italian leather lounge are in right now


  • Measure the size of your room, and consider access – especially if you live in an apartment
  • A large lounge in a small space can make the living area look small
  • Make sure the sofa will fit INTO the home is essential – tight entryways, stairwells, corners can all make getting the lounge inside difficult

Sofa Styles

  • Whether it’s a single seater Like the Archie or a large modular lounge there are many styles to consider
  • Modular or corner lounges maximise space the Ester modular lounge comes with built in recliners
  • A lounge that combines with a chaise gives you a space to relax and put your feet up The Cora is a popular choice, a stunning leather lounge with an adjustable back rest
  • Families need more room so a large modular or corner lounge is a good choice, a popular pick is the huge Bently leather lounge, with a chaise, recliner and adjustable back rests, everyone will be comfy


  • Visiting a store is important for you to get an understanding of how the sofa will feel
  • Seat cushions are often foam infill which will feel firm, feather, where you feel like you are sinking into the sofa and foam with a feather wrap that gives you the soft feel of a feather seat, but with a foam structure to the cushion so you don’t have to keep fluffing it up to keep its shape.

A lounge that lasts

  • If choosing for a family, you want a lounge that can take a few knocks, is practical, but still stylish
  • If you want a lounge that lasts, ensure it has a solid foundation, steel frames are stronger and more durable
  • Ask about the quality of the materials used and if fabrics have been tested for durability