Dining tables and their settings are the heart of every home. Here, we share hearty meals and lively conversations. Additionally, a well-decorated dining table enhances your home’s interior and adds warmth to the room.

Brighten up your large or small space with the right dining table to host that lavish dinner you want. Once you find the right fit, use your creativity to beautify the dining table. Besides using flowers, various ingenious ways are available to add a lush feel to your dining room.

Below are helpful tips on choosing the right dining table and ways to decorate. Use them to find the inspiration to bring your ideas to life with some expert help.

Tips on Choosing the Right Dining Table and Ways to Decorate

For one to pick the perfect table for your room, there are a few key things to consider. They include:

Purpose of the Dining Table

Before settling on the size or shape of the perfect dining table, first, ask yourself why you need one. Tables in the dining room have various purposes for different homeowners. For example, will you eat at the table every day? If yes, choose one that will be comfortable for the entire family for regular use.

Some people have a dining room space that they only use for special occasions. Especially if they prefer eating their regular meals at the kitchen table, in this case, choose a table that will accommodate all your entertaining needs. Then build an accent wall that brings a luxurious contrast to the dining table for setting up party decorations.

If you intend to use your dining table as a workspace desk, consider buying a sturdy one with comfortable seating. Since you’ll likely be at the table most of the time, either eating or working, functionality is the priority. Ensure the table is the right height and the table top is clutter-free to set up your work items. The chairs should be firm, with extra padding to protect your back from the long sitting hours.


Two critical things determine the size of your dining table. First is the size of your dining area or room, and second, the number of people who will use the table daily. Large families generally go for large tables. Depending on the available space, choose a table that leaves room around it to ease movement. The company you purchase from will take dimensions and advice accordingly.

The perfect dining table should have space between the seats for an enjoyable dining experience. Flexible options are available if you do not wish to have a large table. Purchase a dining table that has an extendable top or one that folds away when not in use. They are incredibly convenient for when you have visitors or occasional dinner parties and can fit in most spaces.

Build Material

Most build materials for dining tables are durable and solid enough to withstand long-term use. The most popular option for dining table tops is wood due to its versatile nature. However, you can have a glass, metal, marble, granite, or laminate table top. Most people prefer wood or cast iron for the table legs as they tend to be studier.

Decorating a wooden table is simple as one can get it refinished every few years. Glass, marble, or granite top tables add a modern and sophisticated feel to a contemporary home. However, they are challenging to maintain, especially in a house with young children. Although metal dining tables add a rustic feel to a home, they may get scratches or dent easily.

Design and Shape

The typical shape and design for dining tables are either round, rectangular, oval, or square. Round tables are excellent if you want to gather around for conversations, as everyone is visible. They are also perfect for small spaces. Consider a round table for a square room, as the contrast is attractive. You can easily decorate your circle-shaped table by adding a flower vase as the centrepiece or a lazy Susan to hold spices like salt and pepper.

Rectangular tables fit nicely in spacious and long rooms. The narrow length is the favourite shape, allowing more seating space. Drape a colourful table cloth on the entire tabletop or a table runner to decorate the middle. Additionally, use fruit bowls, candlestick holders, and flower vases to add a luxurious feel to the table setting.

Oval dining tables are an excellent choice for rectangle rooms. The curvy shape leaves space in the room and around the seats. To bring the table to life, consider using chairs with colourful upholstery to decorate the space.

Square tables are ideal for a circular or square room. If you prefer a square dining table, consider the space available. A larger square table takes up a lot of room, and the seating space can feel distant. However, if you have ample room, then, by all means, go for a larger one. Runners are excellent for decorating square tables as they give an illusion of length. Besides using a fabric runner, you can make one out of flowers or special ornaments.

Table Style

The dining table style you settle on depends on your entire home’s decor or theme. Alternatively, choose a contrasting concept if you want your dining area to stand out. Traditional style dining tables are primarily wooden with minimal to exquisite detail on the woodwork.

On the other hand, modern dining tables come in various materials, colours and designs. For instance, benches instead of the regular individual dining table seats create additional seating. To enhance the effect of a well-laid-out table, consider installing a statement light fixture above it. Then, buy the table that stands out and add a beautiful centrepiece to a masterpiece.


Quality is essential when choosing a dining table. Not only will you have a lovely place to entertain, but it will last long. So get creative when decorating it and invest in quality tableware to match the look and feel. Contact Brescia Furniture if you are searching for the best quality dining table in Sydney.

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