The television is usually the focal point in most living rooms. If you want to give your room a classic outlook, it is advisable to invest in a TV stand over mounting it on the wall. There is more to traditional TV stands than a classic-themed appearance.

Here are the benefits of purchasing a TV stand for your home.

Extra Storage Capacity

The most significant advantage of TV cabinets is that they offer additional storage capacity. This assists in space optimisation, one of the critical functional elements of every room. The extra space can be used to house the sound system, video game console, TV box, and so on. It also conceals the cabling of your entertainment system.


TV units come in a range of different styles. You can choose from a wide array of colours, design, materials, and sizes, depending on your taste. Also, each option comes with a unique finish.


TV cabinets have no limitations when it comes to specific TV brands.  Regardless of the brand or size of television you own, you are guaranteed of finding an option that will work for you.

Easy to Move

If you wish to rearrange your living room, TV stands are easy to move around. This isn’t the case for wall-mounted televisions.

Types of TV Stands

Asti TV Unit

This is an Italian-made TV unit that is glossy white. It features a 2-door sliding base, one made of glass and the other white high-gloss wood.


Another example of the quality of Italian craftsmanship, this TV unit has an excellent wooden finish. The primary material can either be metal or glass, depending on the customer’s preferences.

Bellagio TV Unit

This unit is perfect for people who like a minimalist design. It is made from a combination of walnut wood and metal. It has a rose gold finish, with two swing doors on either side of the centered shelve. The base offers extra storage with a sliding door.

Each piece is crafted uniquely, meaning that no two models are identical to each other. This TV unit is made in Italy.

Canova TV Unit

The Canova TV unit has an ultramodern design with two doors and one glass shelf. The high-gloss white colour significantly enhances the appearance of its marble finish with a little chrome. This unit comes in a variety of sizes to fit every room in your home.

Hollywood TV Unit

This is a perfect choice if you like a simplistic design. The Hollywood TV unit has two drawers on either side of shelves covered by a sliding door.

Memphis TV unit

This TV unit offers ample space for storage purposes. It has three swing open doors, each with two internal shelves. On top of these is an open shelf that covers the entire length of the cabinet.

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