Leather has always been a popular choice amongst the full range of fabrics and other synthetic materials available, and this is probably the reason why leather has secured a top spot as the material used for furniture. Leather lounges have become a staple in every Aussie household thanks to their authentic texture, durability, and coziness. We at Brescia, specialize in luxurious, premium-quality lounges in the latest styles and designs. If you want a leather lounge for your living room but are having some doubts, read what our experts have to say.

1 Appearance

The process of dying leather is incredibly unique, in which the colour seeps into the material. This makes sure that the colour does not fade over many years. Your leather lounge will remain to appear the same for years to come if kept well maintained. Even areas experiencing the most wear and tear will preserve their durability and colour. With a leather lounge, you can rest easy knowing that each piece will stand out with its natural patterns and markings.

2  Quality

Leather is ranked highly as a top-of-the-line product when it comes to furniture. Nothing can compare to the first impression that leather can bring to a home or an office. The rich smell and appearance of leather deliver a level of stylishness and sophistication, unlike any other material. Leather can withstand peeling or cracking while maintaining its good looks thanks to the advanced treatment procedures leather goes through. Your leather lounge will stay with you for years to come.

3 Toughness

According to the furniture experts, a leather lounge can tolerate wear and tear about five times longer than a fabric lounge. Leather is durable yet flexible, which enables it to withstand damage from other sources like spills and messes. Leather boasts natural features, and this allows leather lounges to retain their strong structure including borders and seams. Moreover, leather lounges are also dirt and spill resistant, which means all you need to clean your leather lounge is wipe down it with a dampened cloth.

4 Coziness

Leather lounges are far more comfortable then they appear to be. Because leather boasts natural properties and fibres, it becomes softer as it ages, making it the coziest surface to rest your body. Instead of looking faded and tired, leather lounges become even more enticing to sit and sleep on. Furthermore, leather boasts the ability to breathe, meaning it releases cold and heats easily. So, a leather lounge remains comfortable to rest upon no matter what the temperature of the room is.

Although leather lounges are expensive than standard fabric lounges, they will surely last longer making them an investment.

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