We all know spring cleaning is a thing, but what about winter renovations? While our cold season isn’t as miserable as the snowed-in months in many parts of the world, it does get rather dark and dreary. The endless rain and cloudy skies can bring anybody down, so it’s an excellent excuse to brighten your bedroom mood. Some new splashes of colour could be just what the doctor ordered, especially since winter tempts you to spend more time in bed.

Winter white

This seems counter-intuitive, but white bedroom furniture in Sydney will brighten your room. Its reflective properties enhance the light levels in the room, and it makes a perfect backdrop for vibrant coloured cushions, rugs, and curtains. Consider our Asti or Canova bedroom sets, with their white beds, bedside drawers, and dressers. Both are sleek and glossy for maximum reflection and are imported from Italy. Canova has bits of chrome in it, for extra shine.

Cosy cocoa

Hot chocolate is soothing at any time, but on a chilly winter night, wrapped in blankets, with a good book or binge-worthy series, it’s divine. So, imagine how comforting a dark brown bed would be. We have several options including Serena, Memphis, or Garda. You could also try our oaken Accademia with its contoured lacquer glass. All the bedroom sets have rich brown wood panels and carefully designed glossy accents for that rich chocolate touch.

Wolfish grey

In the sky outside, grey is miserable and mood-dampening, but in your bedroom, it can be calm and stately, giving you a sense of control.  Our grey bedroom sets often have a glossy touch to lighten spirits, and we even incorporate some backlighting with LED bulbs built into the headboard or bed frame. It’s a nice way to offset your bedroom décor and create a bling effect. Our pre-lit grey sets include Minerva, Montecarlo, and Versilia.

Shimmering champagne

As a colour, champagne is difficult to define. You can incorporate it into your soft furnishings, with pale gold pillows and sparkling curtains and bedspreads. For the bed itself, using a yellow backlight on a pale brown or beige bed can give that glinting sunlit effect you miss during the dreary weeks of winter. Our Teodora bedroom set in glossy elm with marble inlay lends itself well to a champagne colour scheme.

Paint it red

In many parts of the world, cranberries are a big part of white Christmases, from juicy cocktails to decorative themes. Of course, our winter falls in July, so cranberries aren’t quite in season. Still, deep red always looks sheikh, and it will certainly liven up your room. We don’t recommend rouge beddings as a staple. They’re lovely on a romantic night when you’re trying to heat things up.

However, red is a stimulating colour, so using too much of it in your bedroom might get you too ramped up to sleep. Instead, use it in accents, like a throw pillow, a dresser ornament, or minor decorative elements on a lampshade or pillow hem.

To explore our bedroom colour options this winter, call Brescia Furniture today on 02 9700 9000.