There are so many ways to spruce up your bedroom, whether you are giving your room a complete makeover – paint and all or you just want to freshen your room up you need to give it some careful thought and planning.

You spend more time in your bedroom than in any other room in the house, it’s the first room you see in the morning, and the last room you see at night. The first thing you need to do is pick your colour and style from the trends that are happening now. Do you like the contemporary palette of dark colours with pops of colour here and there, or do you prefer the country feel popular now in whites, pastels and wood – the Asti is a charming bedroom furniture package Sydney in white, with a queen bed, bedside tables, dresser and tall boy it’s a high gloss package with a sleek design.

Some hot colour trends for your bedroom this year include:

  • Red, white and black – black and white is of course a timeless colour scheme but adding some red takes the room to a whole new level. Red is the most energetic of all the colours, so it mixes well with black and white and is great for a modern bedroom. A bed with a black frame The Mont Noir in high gloss black with white bedding and red accessories looks stunning
  • Grey with a splash of colour – bedrooms with grey walls and large accessories make for a very contemporary bedroom, add some red using throws, lamps, cushions or a floor rug for that splash of colour
  • Blue and white another timeless combination makes the room look fresh and clean, in bedrooms blue and white looks friendly and inviting, why not add some earthy tones like the Nizza bedroom suite in a natural two-tone colour that compliments blues and white perfectly.
  • Vintage pink and grey are colours thatlook perfect in luxurious master bedrooms. It all depends on the colour of your furniture – for the perfect look keep the pinks to a very pale colour, almost like they look faded.
  • Pink and orange is a new colour combination perfect for those who want a retro look and feel to the room. Use bold colours – it doesn’t have to be on the walls, dark orange chairs, throws or cushions add that vibrancy without being too over the top.
  • Green with pink – pink is often associated with girlie bedrooms, but it works well in a green bedroom, pinks work better with green than red, as red can make the room feel like it’s Christmas every day. A pink headboard against a green wall really makes the bed stand out add some touches of pink in curtains, throws and rugs to carry the colour scheme through the room.