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How To Fill Empty Spaces in A Large Living Room

How can you make the best from a large living room? Perhaps your living room isn’t large, it’s just an awkward shape, or it’s connected to another area that makes it difficult to organise.

Designate set areas or zones – in a small room you just have room for your leather lounges, but in a larger room, you can break the room into different zones, a place to watch TV, a computer area, games area or even a place to sit and chat.

Divide your spaces – you can use different rugs, or place furniture to create smaller areas within a …

Designing A Minimalist Living Room

When you think of a minimalist living room, what is it that comes to mind? No bright colours, white walls, very contemporary leather lounges, nothing on the walls? Often this may be the impression people have when they think of a minimalist living room. The good news is, this is NOT an accurate image. Being a minimalist or having a minimalist living room isn’t about having a sleek white room, it’s in fact all about decluttering to make room for more space.

Tips for creating a minimalist living room

Declutter – less is more and to create a minimalist living room …

5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Bed

Having a good night’s sleep is one of the best feelings in the world, and if you choose the right bed, a peaceful nights rest is guaranteed.

When it comes to buying new bedroom furniture in Sydney, it’s a significant investment and one you want to get right. You want your new furniture not only to look good but feel good too. In general, beds should be updated at least once every ten years, so you need to choose a new bed that is well built, comfortable and stylish.


When it comes to choosing a new bed the first step is …

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