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A Close Look At Our Bedroom Furniture Options

Choosing new bedroom furniture is both scary and exciting – exciting because who doesn’t LOVE new furniture, scary because furniture is an investment, and you want to get this right.

Ask yourself a few questions before shopping for bedroom furniture in Sydney, and you’ll be better prepared.
Where is the furniture going?
Is the furniture for your master bedroom? For a child’s bedroom? For a teens bedroom? Or for a guest room?
What is your budget?
It’s great to see what is out there and to browse, but before you make a purchase, you need to know it’s what you can afford. You could …

What’s New in Lounge Room Décor?

The lounge room. The communal hub of any home.  A place to relax, to entertain and a place for your family to connect and socialise after all the chores are done and dusted. The lounge is probably one of the most frequented areas of any home, so it’s important to choose the right décor, so the lounge room not only looks great but is welcoming and comfortable for the family to relax in.

Lounge room décor has progressed leaps and bounds in the last ten years, and there is an extensive range of retro stylings to a more modern approach – …

The Wynn Bedroom Series

Bedroom sets, like the Wynn series, are the perfect, simple and easy way to buy all of your bedroom furniture in Sydney, all at once. There’s a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind you get when you realise you are not just buying good quality furniture, but that it matches. If you are decorating, it makes it a lot easier when your bedroom set matches.

There is three basic style of bedroom sets:

Basic Bedroom Set – this includes three pieces – a bed with a headboard, side cupboards and a tallboy. This is the style of set the Wynn …

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Brescia Philosophy

Because our stores are both family owned and operated, we offer a personal approach you don't find in other retailers. Customer satisfaction is our most important concern, so our experienced staff will happily assist you in choosing the best furniture for your home.

Our sales, administration, delivery and service teams have many years of experience so you receive the best service before and after your purchase.

We carry all the world's most respected furniture brands.

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