A Close Look At Our Bedroom Furniture Options

Choosing new bedroom furniture is both scary and exciting – exciting because who doesn’t LOVE new furniture, scary because furniture is an investment, and you want to get this right.

Ask yourself a few questions before shopping for bedroom furniture in Sydney, and you’ll be better prepared.
Where is the furniture going?
Is the furniture for your master bedroom? For a child’s bedroom? For a teens bedroom? Or for a guest room?
What is your budget?
It’s great to see what is out there and to browse, but before you make a purchase, you need to know it’s what you can afford. You could …

What’s New in Lounge Room Décor?

The lounge room. The communal hub of any home.  A place to relax, to entertain and a place for your family to connect and socialise after all the chores are done and dusted. The lounge is probably one of the most frequented areas of any home, so it’s important to choose the right décor, so the lounge room not only looks great but is welcoming and comfortable for the family to relax in.

Lounge room décor has progressed leaps and bounds in the last ten years, and there is an extensive range of retro stylings to a more modern approach – …

The Wynn Bedroom Series

Bedroom sets, like the Wynn series, are the perfect, simple and easy way to buy all of your bedroom furniture in Sydney, all at once. There’s a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind you get when you realise you are not just buying good quality furniture, but that it matches. If you are decorating, it makes it a lot easier when your bedroom set matches.

There is three basic style of bedroom sets:

Basic Bedroom Set – this includes three pieces – a bed with a headboard, side cupboards and a tallboy. This is the style of set the Wynn …

A Close Look At Our Dining Table Options

There are a few staple furniture pieces that can really tie a room together. In the bedroom, a bed is the centrepiece of the room; in the living area, it might be a large leather lounge or plasma TV; in the bathroom, it might be a large bathtub or a vanity unit. When it comes to the dining room, though, it’s a no brainer – the dining table is the star of the show. That’s why it’s so important to select a table that reflects your style and suits the size of the room. We’ve pulled together a …

Fresh Ideas For Your Dining Area

While a lot of eating and drinking often goes on in the kitchen and lounge room, there is still *something* about sitting down to a meal in a dining room. Once reserved just for formal entertaining and family meals, the dining room of today can be used for casual meals, for work or study and weekend entertaining. Today’s dining rooms are either open plan living and kitchen areas or separated into their own space/room.

Whatever the floorplan of your home there are four key elements when it comes to your dining area – lighting, table, chairs and décor.

Choosing the right dining …

All About Our Memphis Bedroom Series

Choosing your bedroom furniture in Sydney is a very important decision that doesn’t come along that many times in most people’s lives. Your bedroom will be where you spend a great deal of time not just sleeping, but for many people, just relaxing, too. You want to choose furniture for your bedroom that you are going to love for many, many years. Furniture isn’t cheap, but when you factor in how many years use you get out of it, you’ll find that it’s quite reasonable.

One of our favourite bedroom sets is the Memphis Bedroom Series. We …

Why We Love the Calligaris Saint Tropez (chair)

The perfect furniture creates the backbone of any home. Interior design trends come and go, but timeless furniture pieces are key to creating a stylish home year in, year out. From leather lounges to wooden dining tables, there are some timeless pieces that will continue to evoke style and sophistication. The Calligaris Saint Tropez chair is one of them. We’ve shared a few reasons to show why this chair is not only stylish but also excellent quality and extremely practical.

Quality is guaranteed
Italy is the home of elegance and sophistication. When you see that furniture and clothing are made in Italy, …

Our Leather Lounge Options In Focus

If you’re looking for a real leather lounge that will last, then there is no going past our range of immaculately designed lounge suites. We have carefully created and curated a full range of fantastic leather couches, many imported directly from Italy. We take great care in picking out leather lounges that are not only stylish but comfortable and functional. We want you to be able to use your lounge as well as it looking great!

Take a look at some of these leather lounge options to see if they would look amazing in your home.
The Bellini
It’s a classic leather lounge …

All About Our Nizza Bedroom Collection

When you are shopping for bedroom furniture in Sydney, at Brescia Furniture we have a range of quality bedroom suites suitable for any home and budget.

Making its way from Italy the stunning Nizza bedroom collection will be available from our stores from January 2018. Start the new year with a whole new bedroom.

The Nizza collection is not only stunningly beautiful it is a clean, modern collection that adds personality and atmosphere to any bedroom. This suite is finished in a grey eco veneer matte, with highlights of clay eco veneer matte. This colour scheme is subtle making it a perfect …

Why We Love Calligaris Designs

Calligaris is a name revered around the world for quality, functional, and stylish furniture. We carry Calligaris products as we believe that they are champions of excellence in the home furnishings sphere.

Calligaris Designs is an Italian company, that was born in 1923. The came Calligaris comes from the company’s founder, Antonio Calligaris, and the company first started out with wood furnishings before expanding out their range to what it is today. Today Calligaris are known worldwide for their chairs, tables, soft furnishings including leather lounges, storage solutions, and lighting.

Their flagship store is in Milan, a testament to the amazing …

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